Tuesday, February 26, 2008

children of chaos

If you ever need to rescue a choking conversation, try this emergency procedure.

Ask the people you're with if they drove down to the restaurant or wherever you are at the moment.

Regardless of how lifeless the conversation seemed seconds ago, your question will restore it in steroidal proportions. Awkward humming and hawing will plump up into a series of topics that will charge from traffic jams to atrocious town planning to gaping holes in infrastructure. The conversation will finally pool and grow around the state of chaos created by modernization.

Like us, the people of ancient Greece believed that chaos was crude, unpredictable and disorganised. But unlike us, they didn't think it was the end product of anything.

According to Greek mythology, chaos was the beginning, the original state of existence. It took that churning void to give birth to a beautiful, productive Goddess that we call earth.

Although I don't worship Greek Gods (not the ones in mythology anyway), I find this point of view rejuvenating.

I'd like to believe that even today, chaos continues to give birth to beautiful creations. Maybe we just aren't looking hard enough for the beauty.

Here's to surprising, beautiful things and possibilities born of chaos.

If I don't post new findings regularly, it would be because I am busy finding new ways to revive dying conversations :)

1 comment:

  1. beauty was born of chaos, mother earth and now chaos is being born of that beauty... is this the full circle of life?

    has pandoras box been opened? have we neglected to realise the values of the lessons taught in greek mythology, or mother earth and its existance enters a world of uncertainty, changing climates, changing powers and a lack of faith...

    What will be born of this chaos?